Fighting Mattress Mould

Fighting mattress mould is a fact of life for many campers and RV enthusiasts. That smell coming from your mats and mattresses indicates more than a hard day in the outdoors or on the road. Air venting mats from HyperDrii can be the perfect solution to get rid of unhealthy scents.

How does mould grow on my camping equipment?

There are three main catalysts that allow mould to thrive. The first is moisture. Damp ground, a rainstorm, a snowstorm, sweat, and even food all contain the requisite amount of water for this unwanted invader to thrive. Hyper dry layers can aid in the drying of all blankets and sheets in a bed because it keeps things moving.

Moisture alone is typically not enough. Mould also requires a food source and oxygen. That food source can be crumbs or your own byproducts from a hot night outside. Even without these conditions, mould spores have the ability to lay dormant for years.

Combating Mould in the Outdoors

Unfortunately, once we leave our homes and the presence of cleaning chemicals for long durations of time, fighting microscopic invasive colonies of bacteria, germs, and mould is a necessity. We lose the control we normally have over our environments.

While the fight is ever present, there are ways to combat these unwanted guests such as:

  • Airing out mats and mattresses
  • Cleaning thoroughly after traveling
  • Using mats and ground pads that vent
  • Buying products that have anti mould bed layers
  • Laying a tarp or another waterproof layer on the ground or an exposed area

You cannot completely avoid the need to clean. However, you can remain comfortable and smell free throughout your entire trip.

Cleaning and Airing Out Mats and Mattresses

Perhaps the most vital part of any cleaning process is washing ground mats and airing out pads and mattresses. Leaving your gear outdoors, exposed to the sun, allows the elements to sweep away delicate spores and bacteria.

To properly air out your mats and mattresses, remove all items and top sheets, hang your mat on a clothesline if possible, and bake each side in the sun for three to four hours. Vent your equipment for longer if smells persist.

Laying a Tarp on the Ground

Preventing mould starts with how you use your equipment. Removing a major source of moisture is a great way to prevent buildup. Ground moisture permeates through the first 10cm of soil.

You can easily help prevent buildup by laying down a tarp. You still need to clean this underlayer.

Using Venting Mats and Mattresses with Built in Anti Mould Layers

HyperDrii mats are even more effective than a tarp. They are purpose built to keep you comfortable while staying clean.

Our mats and mattresses contain a specialized venting layer that allows air to pass through effortlessly, making airing out your mat even more effective. We also included an anti mould bed layer. Our products withstand up to 800 pounds of pressure and come with a 20 year warranty.

Fighting Mattress Mould Easily

Mould destroys. When on the trail or road, it is a persistent problem. You can combat its spread by following several simple tips such as airing out your equipment and laying a tarp on the ground.

HyperDrii mats make it even easier to stay clean and smell free while protecting food and fuel or promoting a good night sleep. Our trade secret mats come with a layer for fighting mattress mould. Check out how we can make a difference today.

Fighting Mattress Mould
Fighting Mattress Mould
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